E V E N T  M E D I A


2022 Midwest Pastors’ Conference | Devotions Questions

T H I S  Y E A R S’  S P E A K E R S
Jean McClure is the wife of Don McClure, a former Calvary Chapel pastor.  Jean and Don are now head of Calvary Way Ministries. They travel around like modern-day apostles sharing the Gospel and encouraging the Body of Christ.  

They were both on staff at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Jean has been serving in women’s ministry for many years. She now travels nationwide to women’s retreats and conferences, building up Pastors’ Wives, and women throughout the country to have deeper walks with Christ. Having studied under founder Chuck’s wife Kay, she has much godly wisdom to share with us.

We are so blessed to have her come out to speak to our Pastor’s Wives and support staff this year!
For more bio information, or to learn more about the Calvary Way, click HERE.

Cyndi Ballmaier is the wife of 42 years to Senior Pastor & Founder Phil Ballmaier of Calvary Chapel Elk Grove in Illinois. They have been serving Calvary Chapel since it was founded over 41 years ago. They are blessed with three married adult children, 7 grandchildren, and 3 in Heaven.

Cyndi has been the Director of Refresh Women’s Ministry since its inception. The Lord has opened doors for her to teach at Women’s Retreats, Pastors’ Wives Conferences, Women’s Bible Studies, Home Study Groups, Prayer Breakfasts, and Luncheons. Cyndi has also had the privilege of serving pastor’s wives through hosting the annual Midwest Pastors’ Wives Conference.

“It is my hearts’ desire is to draw women to the heart of Jesus, to the Word of God and prayer. It’s my  hope to encourage women to walk ever close to Jesus and to love Him with their whole heart. It’s my continued prayer that my teaching exhorts women to live a life of holiness and to value their roles as women of God, wives and mothers.

And If I can encourage or lift up just one woman—by way of sharing my trials and triumphs through my walk with Jesus—well, may He be glorified!”